Frankie's Farm New Streaky Lamb Macon
Frankie's Farm Streaky Lamb Macon


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Frankie's Farm Meat Snacks

Welcome to Frankie's Farm,
the home of delicious world foods
made in Britain.

We're a young, forward-looking producer of high-quality meat snacks and convenience foods. Based in the UK, we operate from a modern factory that is grade AA-rated by the British Retail Consortium.

We take inspiration from some of the world's best meat-based dishes and then reimagine them for 21st century consumers. We're working on an exciting range of new products and the first of these - our Streaky Lamb Macon - will hit the supermarket shelves in May 2020.

What is Macon?

The word 'macon' is a composite of 'mutton' and 'bacon'. It describes a cured, smoked meat that's used in exactly the same way as bacon but which contains no pork.

To make our Streaky Lamb Macon, we take thin strips of cured meat and then smoke them using British beechwood. The result is wonderfully tasty and versatile. It can be eaten cold, straight from the pack or used as a tasty sandwich filling. But if you prefer something hot, you can heat it in a pan in just 3 to 4 minutes, or add it to pasta dishes, stir-fries, soups, omelettes, salads and quiches.

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Suitable for Kosher & Halal Diets

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Being free from both pork and dairy products, our Streaky Lamb Macon Rashers are suitable for people observing kosher or halal diets. Our operations are overseen by the independent monitoring body, HSI (Halal Scholarly Inspections) which verifies that we only use meats from certified halal suppliers.

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